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Ear Care Lab


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10 Corfton Road
W5 2HS, London

Opening hours

Mon–Fri: 3:00 AM3:00 AM
Sat–Sun: 3:00 AM3:00 AM


General Practice


Ear Care Lab is an innovative ear wax removal clinic in Ealing and one of the first of its kind in North West London. We offer the gold standard technique for removing ear wax, called micro-suction. This can be performed using either a binocular microscope or a light loupe and a suction device. This is the same technique that Ear, Nose and Throat specialists are using and it is superior to other methods of wax removal, such as water syringing (irrigation) and ear candling. This technique is also used to treat ear infections and other ear obstructions.

All our consultations and services are provided by highly experienced GP doctors who have received specialist training in ENT medicine and the use of micro-suction for ear wax removal.

Ear Care Lab is open 6 days a week and also offers home visits on request.


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